Are You A "Yes Sir" or "This Can Be Done Better" Type of Freelancer?

Is a client always right even if sometimes there is something that's not in his best interest?

Are You A "Yes Sir" or "This Can Be Done Better" Type of Freelancer?

Is a client always right even if sometimes there is something that's not in his best interest?

I don't want to be a wiseguy freelancer, but I also don't see a point in keep repeating "Yes Sir" and following blindly all project instructions I get. I think that a freelancer should speak up when something can be done better.

For example, on one project I was supposed to write blog posts that were 1,500 words long. So, I suggested my client that's better to come up with the 500-word blogs that are more SEO friendly and more readable. My client liked my idea and not only did he decided to change his original plans, but he also rewarded my proactive attitude with more work.

Yes Sir, Have It Your Way

I felt so good about what I did that I went on with my supportive attitude. Unfortunately, I stumble upon an extremely bossy client. What happened? Well, I was working on the content for a new website. I thought it would be a good idea to create Terms and Privacy Policy too. For some reason, this client got the impression that I was just looking for a way to get more money. I did my very to explain that I have a "moral duty" to help the best way I can. What I got in return was this, who are you to question my decision because I'm the one who's paying you and not the other way around? Eventually, he launched a website without these important legal documents. My thoughtfulness was "rewarded" with a three-star review, which is a big deal for a freelancer who used to have only five-star reviews.

Sometimes, the only thing you can do is to put a smile on my face and say "Yes Sir." You just do what you are told to do.

The Most Important Thing In My Freelance Career - My Conscience Is Always Clear

Now that I'm working on goLance, I haven't changed my attitude a bit. It's equally important for me to feel good about my work just as it is important to be paid for it. I'm not here to judge my fellow freelancers. We do our best and we do what we have to do for a living. The last thing we need is for a client to think that we are being uncooperative and always playing smart.

How many times a client has actually said to you, hey you just save me some time or money or you helped me with something I haven't even thought of, let me reward you with a bonus.

If your freelance conscience engine runs on money then you are very likely to be disappointed. When I get down to work, I need to know that I have done everything and anything for the project. And, when I'm done, I'm done for real. I have given my best under the circumstances and according to client's instructions and expectations. My conscience is clear and I know that both money and a review are rightfully earned.

What's The Best Thing To Do?

Should you just take the money, smile, say "Yes Sir" as many times as needed, and hit the road once you're done with your work? Or should you go above and beyond your call of freelance duty? Have you ever been caught between your conscience and your client's demands?

How to put "Yes Sir" and "this can be done better" in the same sentence, not lose a client and save your freelance soul, at the same time?