All Freelancers Should Learn Programming, Period!

All Freelancers Should Learn Programming, Period!

Do we really need all those writers, designers, translators, paralegals, and other freelance categories? After all, the freelancing party was initially and exclusively organized for developers. Then, the others joined.

The facts are undeniable. The overwhelming majority of all available freelance projects is reserved for coders. There's a constant demand for new developers. It seems that we just can't have enough of freelance programmers, can we?

Can You Feel The Freelance Heat? Join The Elite!

It's not easy being a freelance writer. I mean, it's not easy working as a freelancer. I create the content for a new website. Then I'm done. And, a client is gone. In the best case scenario, I have to hope that a client cares a lot about his website's blog. Even then, nobody needs new blogs every single day. You design a logo, and you are already looking for a new client. You just created a contract, and it's time to make a new one. The same applies to all freelancers, expect the developers.

When I look at all those hourly-based projects for coders, the jealousy overwhelms me. Whether it is the development of a new app or maintenance of the existing systems, you have something to do as a programmer every single day. So, who or what is stopping me from learning some Java among other things?

Better To Be An Extraordinary Writer Than An Average Developer

I used to do some writing work for a client who also happened to be a developer. I was obviously not in the good mood when I complained about my situation. I was the only writer working on his projects where dozens of coders were needed. So, I said that I wished I could become a programmer in his team rather than a writer.

My client told me that there was a chance for me to match his coding skills one day in the distant future. He also told me that was no way he could become a writer, ever. His two cents for me was that I should continue working as a writer. Furthermore, I should try to become even a better writer than I was. Why? According to my client, it's easier to find a good developer than an excellent writer.

Was he telling the truth? Maybe he already had enough developers and he was just being kind to me. Or, maybe he knew something I didn't. You know, the luxury of being able to see the big freelance picture.

If We All Code, Who's Going To Do Other Freelance Stuff?

Imagine the freelance world where all other "freelance species" are extinct. Wouldn't that be a sight? Not sure a good one, though. Are we going to face the hyperproduction of developers one day? The statistics favor the coders. There's so much work to be done that there's a constant shortage of developers.

Ah, there's one more thing. Remember my client who told me to stick to the writing? While I was there, I asked for advice regarding the most promising programming language of the future. He told me that Golang or just Go was the future of programming.

Guess what, it seems he was right in a certain way. Go is the future, indeed. By reading this post and working on goLance, we are all a part of it.

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