8 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Remote Developer

8 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Remote Developer

With the cheap availability and increasing consumption of the internet, every small business is getting digital. The smooth, comfortable and secure services of the digital world have won hearts, and customers have developed the habits of shopping online.

Either you are an owner of a company or a manager of a small firm, hiring a web developer is a real task. The design of your website ensures your success. From smooth customer experience, easy navigation, Call-to-Action buttons to colours, content and visuals, everything is equally important.

You must know what questions you have to ask before hiring a remote web developer. Here is the description of the inquiries you need to make.

Have you worked before?

Your project must not be in amateur hands. The design of your website plays a significant role in converting your visitors into customers. Ask them about their experience in the relevant field and have a look at their previous work samples. Only the previous work experience can predict the suitability of the candidate.

Even hiring freshers for your project is not a bad choice unless the freshers are skilled, diligent and passionate about the project. Freshers put more effort to deliver phenomenal execution to the project for their portfolio and paving their way for the future.

What is programming to you?

No one can do a better job than the one who loves his profession. Ask him about the inspiration behind the programming. Evaluate his interests to find out if he is suitable for the project or not. The inspiring answers may include changing the world and contributing to other’s success through programming.

You also need to know if your web developer anticipates growing and learning new things. It will give you an advantage of your web developer treating your design with updated knowledge and programming languages.

Would you like to take a test?

Whether you go with a fresher or an experienced one, you must ask them for a short project before hiring any of them for a long term project. The test project will give an idea about the skills and suitability of the candidate.

For instance, if you are planning to develop a complex project so shall the small project be. The only difference will be the time spent on the test project. Small test projects must take less time.

Which is the ideal work time for you?

It is time to discuss bureaucratic matters. Discuss the deadlines and ask about the style of work. The recognition of timelines, holidays and the cultural implications of your web developer will build a better partnership. Value his atmosphere and let your project be valued.

How would we communicate?

The first choice must be the person with the same language. However, the instructions must be clear enough to be understandable. For the rest of the project, you will need a tool to communicate with the web developer. Ask for the tools that the developer has used in his previous projects for communication purposes.

Decide on the collaboration apps, tracking software, email mediums and messaging application for the communication. Ask for the tracking tools, or if the developer prefers a flexible environment without any pressure. You can use apps like Skype and Slack for communication and google drive or dropbox for file sharing.

Note: Avoid rude and bossy language, and be frank with your developer.

How would you manage the project?

You just cannot give a free hand to the web developer. You will need to keep an update on how your project is going.

  • Discuss with him the number of video calls during a week to report the progress of the project
  • Decide the final cost of the project. Decide if the instalments would be a suitable option or a single transaction. The choice between a fresher and an experienced developer depends on the budget you have at your disposal. You can have your website designed from a software house in Pakistan If you prefer an experienced developer with lower development rates. Third world countries have comparatively lower development rates with promised quality.
  • Ask for post-project support. A website needs constant optimisations including SEO, catalogue update, API and many more.

Make sure if your web developer is ready to make agreements for security and insurance purposes.

Does the package include marketing?

Your website is nothing without marketing and search engine optimization. No matter how compelling the design and how good the content is. You will need your website to be SEO optimised to rank in the search bars.

Be sure to ask if the web development company includes SEO in the package. If you do not have an SEO team, this question applies well. SEO is the oxygen of your online shop if you are a merchant.

You also need to ask about the marketing strategies your hired team will apply to get your website ranked on the first pages of the search bars.

What Do You Require?

Once you have sorted out the ways of project management, communication tools, timeline, budget, it is time to inquire about the requirements of your web developer. He would require information and instructions from you time by time.

You will have to address his queries on a daily or weekly basis. You will both need to collaborate in a friendly manner for the fine execution of the project.

Final Words

The atmosphere is competitive. Thousands of websites are designed each day. Few make it to the finishing line. If you have decided to go online, then work silently and exceptionally. Let your success roar.

Goodbye, until we meet again.

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