7 Reasons Your Company Needs Freelancers

7 Reasons Your Company Needs Freelancers
(Yan Krukau / pexels)

Today's workforce is redefining the culture of work. No longer satisfied with the status quo, businesses are reinventing roles and restructuring to accommodate a new era of earning a living.

The pace at which modern businesses evolve demands something more—flexibility and adaptability matter now more than ever. A byproduct of this culture shift is the change from traditional 9-5 office jobs to remote and freelance gigs.

In many cases, the shift to freelance work is a win-win. Freelancers are empowered to control their workday, while employers can hire someone who fits their niche needs for as long as they need them.

From a freelancer's perspective, separating themselves from a traditional employer gives them the freedom to work remotely at a pace they desire. Ultimately, they can become their own boss and even control their earning potential.

From a business perspective, connecting with the perfect person for a project is just a web search away. Employers can simply go online to a freelance marketplace to hire a bookkeeper or find app developers. Their talent pool is now global.

Hiring freelance is the competitive edge a company needs to set itself apart from its competition. As the talent pool of people who have gone independent grows, businesses now have world-class professionals available to step in and fill in the gaps in a company's structure.

There are endless reasons that hiring projects out to freelancers makes sense for businesses. Here are seven reasons seasoned companies keep returning to this non-traditional hiring model.

1. Access to Refined and Specialized Skills

You hire a freelancer for a specialized skill; typically, they are very good at it. Freelancers depend on their skills and their reputation for their livelihood. Highly motivated to attract clients and keep jobs flowing, they work hard to ensure they have perfected their skills and are experts in their field. They are also motivated to deliver high-quality results quickly so they can move on to other work.

2. Faster Hiring

Hiring a full-time employee takes time. The job search, negotiations, and onboarding can be a lengthy process. This is valuable time that can kill your forward momentum. Finding a freelancer allows you to skip the time-consuming hiring game and bring someone into your team to help you achieve your goals faster.

3. Cost Savings

When you factor in all the costs of hiring talent, you quickly realize that hiring a freelancer can save you loads of cash. The cost savings of PTO, medical benefits, office space, computers, specialized equipment, and even office supplies can be considerable. Even if you pay your freelancer a higher rate, you'll come out ahead because you won't be piling on all the extra costs of carrying an employee.

One of the most incredible benefits of using a freelance marketplace is connecting with talent outside your local area. For businesses looking to fill specific gaps, the ability to search globally to find the perfect match will help yield a better candidate for your project. If you cannot find the ideal job candidate in your local area, turning to a freelancer may be the perfect solution.

5. Project Based Employment

Companies love the ability to add a freelancer to the team to tackle projects they don't currently have the workforce to support because when the project is complete, both parties can move on. There is no need to hire long-term employees for short-term goals.

6. Increased Productivity

If we've learned anything from the abrupt transition to remote work in 2020, productivity tends to increase with remote work. When you allow people to work from a comfortable environment while also removing a commute, all the stress that goes with it, and distractions from office culture, productivity goes up right along with their perception of work-life balance. When you hire a freelancer, you can anticipate your project will be completed thoroughly and efficiently by someone who finds satisfaction in their job.

7. High Job Satisfaction

Freelancers have the power to create an efficient workflow and manage their workload and schedule while also balancing career, family, and life responsibilities. Freelancers often rate themselves as highly satisfied with the life and career they have built. The quality of work often reflects someone's quality of life.

Don’t forget about the benefit of adaptability. In an ever-changing world, your business needs to be able to move and flex to meet current demands. Hiring freelance gives you that flexibility. You no longer need to be tied to full-time employees to fill in your team. You can shift with the market, bring on new talent for unique and crucial projects, and find new and innovative ways to shape your business.

The career game looks vastly different than it did even a decade ago. Highly talented professionals are leveraging the digital age and creating opportunities for themselves to be an asset to businesses around the globe. These professionals balance work goals with building a life they find fulfilling. The result is a marketplace of freelance professionals with highly refined talent, ready to jump in and fill the gap where your company needs it.