5 Actionable Tips For Startups

5 Actionable Tips For Startups

Launching a company is a rewarding and equally humbling experience. There will be ups and downs. A perfect example, think of how thrilling it felt to have your business cards show up in the mail with your branding all over it. It was awesome, right? Now imagine the gut wrenching feeling when a client who seriously needed your services passed on your solutions. Launching your startup will come with its highs and lows but as long as you keep advancing you will make progress. Today we’re going to talk about 5 actionable tips for startups to keep them on the road to success.

5 Actionable Tips For Startups

1. Leverage Automation

Automation for really any business size will help you accomplish more as long as you’re willing to prep and invest in the automation platform.

What do I mean by that?

When it comes to prep, what I mean is look at your current processes. You need to look at your company from the inside out. You need to be able to take a step back and see what parts of your business are good candidates for automation.

Once you identify those points, you need to invest time building the automation.  This means creating the marketing assets that will be used when building the automation.

For instance, let’s say you want to get emails off your hand, so you are looking into email automation — then you will need to write the messaging and build the assets for this.

2. Hire Talented Freelancers

Most startups are small teams wearing a dozen hats each.  After awhile you run the risk of burning out. Not if you leverage talented freelancers.

With a skilled freelancer you can have an expert on your team to help advance your project. For most startups this makes sense. Ask yourself how much does it cost for you to do a task versus hiring a professional freelancer?

With that being said, hiring a full-time, let’s say web developer, isn’t realistic right now. But bringing on a freelancer to help complete a project is a viable and needed solution.

The added bonus of a freelancer is being able to tap into their network of freelancers to help you out with other parts of your business that need to continue to progress.

In other words, your startup can literally have experts on your team with the right freelancers.

3. Keep It In Perspective

When you’re just starting out it’s easy to get carried away and lost in your “to-do” lists. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and swamped in all the work that’s in front of you. Once that happens, you find yourself burning time on things that aren’t relevant to your business.

To get around this, make a M.E.S:

  • Measure and track your business constantly.
  • Enjoy the small victories.
  • Set milestones for your brand.

In other words, you want to keep what you do in perspective. You’re not launching a company that needs to exist tomorrow. You’re building a brand that will be around for generations. This takes time.

4.  Focus on ONE Social Platform

We’ve all heard you need to be on social media. It’s true, you do. However the speedbump startups face is trying to master ALL social media accounts at once. It doesn’t work without a full-time team.

You can do a couple things…the first is point #2, hire talented freelancers to help you dominate on social media. The second route is to focus on just one social platform. Once you master it and have a solid foundation and following for your brand, then move on to the next platform.

5. Create Value 24/7

The final tip is to create value at every stage of the game. You can do this by writing blogs, sharing helpful articles on YouTube, filming videos yourself — share value.

If you are a startup you need to increase your brand awareness. A positive way to do this is by sharing valuable information. This will help bridge trust with your consumers and when the time comes when you are ready to sell to them you’ll have an easier time getting them to opt into your offers.

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