3 Things Traveling Freelancers Need

3 Things Traveling Freelancers Need

Let’s face it: we’d all like to be able to go on a trip whenever we want without having to worry about taking the time off from work. If you’re a freelancer, this type of freedom is a reality for you. It is one of the greatest things about being a freelancer; living free, working free, untethered from a brick-and-mortar or an office cubicle. Whenever you want, you can leave it all behind, or, as some smart and successful people are doing, take it all with you. Many types of freelance work can be done from anywhere, allowing you to make money from a beach or a mountain top and everywhere in between. But if you’re going to take your show on the road, you should be sure you go into it prepared and primed for success.

3 Things Traveling Freelancers Need

1. Make Sure You Have The Right Freelancer Tools

You are packing a computer and internet connection…right?

This one was pulled straight out of the “No duh” file, but this list would be incomplete without it. Unexpected things happen when you travel to new places. Journeying to the “unknown” is part of the fun, but you better make sure the “unknown” has Wi-Fi or else you can’t work.

Do some research before hand. Find out about the state of your destination’s internet technology. Make sure your smartphone has the ability to create your own wi-fi hot spot. Download apps like Wi-Fi Finder, which is an app that will locate public wi-fi hotspots. Be sure that you have access to the resources that are essential to your work.

2. Every Freelancer Needs A Plan

A plan? I thought we were just picking up and going wherever the wind takes us. I thought you were cool. What is this, a job? Who needs a plan? Well, if you plan on making any money, YOU do. Traveling will throw off your normal schedule regardless, so this is extra important for a traveling freelancer. While the strictness of you travel plans are ultimately up to you, you should have a plan for your freelance work.

Download an app like Productive to help you build and keep track of a productive daily routine. Know how much you need to work to be successful, schedule time to work, be online when you say you will be and be observant of deadlines. All this will help you stay organized, achieve your goals, and build your online reputation, which will lead to more work.

3. A Sense Of Adventure

One thing that can be said for a 9-to-5 job in an office: it is regular. You can usually predict more or less how your day will go, when it will start, when it will end. Not a lot of unpredictable things happen. As a traveling freelancer, this is not the case. Things change, flights get delayed, storms hit, electricity goes out, you meet new people, you eat new foods, you learn new customs, and you go places you haven’t been before. If any of this sounds unappealing, stop right here and head back to the cube.

These types of unexpected events should be embraced. You should believe that every experience strengthens you in some way. Heading out on your own to work and travel IS an adventure, so you sure better be in the mood for one.

Final Thoughts…

An extremely important, yet often overlooked, aspect of freedom is responsibility. You don’t want to have a boss looking over your shoulder, making sure you get your work done? Fine. But now YOU are the only one making sure your work gets done, and if the work doesn’t get done, then YOU are the one who doesn’t get paid. Life as a traveling freelancer can be amazing, but only if you do it right. It can’t be all vacation all the time. Just be sure to have what you need, get your work done, and be sure it is the right thing for you. You will be living the dream sooner than later. See you at the beach!

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