Top Tips to a Successful Freelance Writing Career

Top Tips to a Successful Freelance Writing Career

You spent the whole day sitting at home in your pajamas doing absolutely nothing. Freelance writing is a profession where people consider you unemployed. Let them think whatever they want. It is a common misconception that freelance copywriting or blogging is not a career choice that can guarantee a fixed income.

The truth is it can make you tons of money, more than what people could have imagined. And, imagine working for yourself at flexible times and from anywhere. These are a few perks of choosing freelance writing as your full-time career. But, how do you turn your passion into a job that pays your bills and fulfills your dreams? Here are the best tips for building your freelance writing career. Let’s take a look:

Search for New Jobs

Being an independent freelance writer means you are responsible for getting new clients. On some days, you will have plenty of projects to finish, while on other days, you will be free with no work. That’s the cost of working as a freelancer.

However, it isn’t the same for every writer. People with experience and good writing skills manage to land a couple of projects every week. You have to reach out to the SEO teams, web admins, and people who must be interested in publishing fresh content. You can also build your network by connecting with other writers, so they can send some projects to you when their plates are full.

Build Your Resume

Once the client has read your job application, they will ask for a resume. It tells the employer about your experience as a freelance writer, companies you have worked for, your published articles, ghostwriting work, and content published under your name.

It also shows your qualifications and skills. Check out the latest social work resume templates online and craft a strong freelance writing resume. Your resume will leave a first impression on your clients. So, write it professionally. Pay special attention to the font, format, and other parts.

Start Low

The most challenging part for any freelance writer is landing their first job. How can you convince the client to choose you over other writers without any experience? Chances are, the publishers will want to see your writing samples before they trust you with their projects. So, write a free sample for the client so they can test your writing skills. You should also keep the prices low initially. Remember, the goal is to attract clients and give them a reason why you make a good candidate for their projects.

Start Your Own Blog

It’s a perfect way to kickstart your writing career. Not only will blogging improve your writing skills, but you can use your blogs as sample work. Add your blog to your resume. You can also incorporate SEO into your blog to rank it on Google.

Most companies look for writers online, and there’s a good chance they will hire you if they find your blog impressive. Blogging is also a good way to make a side income. You can run ads on your blog if it receives a large number of visitors. Monetize your blog and increase your visibility.

Take Different Types of Assignments

Freelance writing projects vary from whitepapers to social media posts. Some copies require extensive research and may take days to complete, while others are informal blogs written in the first-person review format.

You should accept all types of assignments initially. That’s how freelance writers build their careers in this industry. All gigs are different. Try to apply for all types of writing projects. Research work, SEO-friendly articles, whitepapers, social media captions, ad copies, essays, e-books, and more.

Learn Time Management

As your career grows and you get more and more writing projects, time management will become your biggest challenge. Clients expect their work to be done within the given deadline and without compromising on the quality. Some clients give you one-month time to write a short and simple story, while another client may ask you to draft a research paper of 4000 words in 3 days.

Create a to-do list and list the priority projects. Write articles for clients who have strict deadlines first. Give your full attention to one project and finish the task at hand before moving on to another client. A successful freelance writer is someone who manages the deadlines while delivering the best quality work to each client.

Read the Instructions or Format Guide Carefully

The instructions vary for all gigs. Some clients ask you to write an SEO-friendly article with certain keywords to be distributed evenly throughout the content. Others may require travel blogs where you share your experience visiting your dream city. Usually, the clients give instructions with the article requirements. It includes the topic, keywords, references you can use while writing, internal & external links you must add, font style, and other details.

You should also check grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence construction before sending the articles. Proofreading and editing are important in content writing. If you can’t do it manually, consider getting it done by a professional editor or use tools like Grammarly and Hemmingway to check grammar.


Building your freelance writing career is not easy, but once you get a few clients and learn the fundamental writing skills, you can enjoy your dream job with flexible timings and good pay. The outcome will be worth all your efforts in the end. Good Luck!

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