Why Working For Free Is NEVER Free

The one thread that unites us all is time. It is the one element all humans have in common. No matter how much wealth we accumulate, the land we build on, or love we give, time will never slow down for…


3 Ways To Be A Better Freelancer

Actionable. Doable. Beneficial solutions. That’s what we’re about at goLance. Today’s article comes from a place wanting to see each and every freelancer succeed. Today we’re going to talk about 3 ways to be a better freelancer. 3 Ways To…


3 Milestones Every Freelancer Needs

If you don’t have goals or even a plan in place how do you know if you’re improving?  How do you know if week one was any better than week three…let alone week seven? You don’t and if you’re judging…


The Top 3 Freelancer Problems

If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. We both know being a freelancer takes a lot of work. Being successful isn’t without overcoming some obstacles. These are the types of issues freelancers face day to day that if…


It’s NOT Your Resume, It’s YOU

There’s no way around it, making a resume and sending it out to employers is a bit soul-sucking. The language on there is funky. Small questions have huge meanings, ie. do you put the entire date or just the month…


How To Leave Your Desk Job In 30 Days

You want to freelance. You see the value in it, but something is holding you back. To be honest, you have a desk job that has provided you steady income for months — possibly even years. It’s the money. It…


The Most Sought After Freelance Jobs

As a freelancer, you want to develop a core set of skills you can market to prospects. These skills will be what clients remember you by when new gigs arise. There’s nothing wrong with knowing a little bit about everything…


3 FREE Tools For Freelancers

If you’re a freelancer you know how hard it can be not having the right tools for the job. It’s frustrating, time-consuming and can even cost you business. It happens all the time. As a freelancer, it’s almost expected from…


3 Things Your Freelancer Profile NEEDS

Okay, so you want steady work? You want to dominate your niche? You’re already ahead of the game and are committed to your craft. You carry yourself with professionalism. Word is out all over social media about your future business endeavors….


How To Become A Successful Freelancer

Today we’re going to talk about secrets successful freelancers use daily to be…SUCCESSFUL. If you’re just launching your career as an independent freelancer or you have five plus years living the freelancer lifestyle this article will benefit you. We’re going to…